Release the Titans

“Eons ago, the Titans were defeated by Zeus and the Olympian Gods.
Imprisoned in the underworld for all eternity. One day the Titans shall
be free once again and wreak havoc on the world.
Release the Titans!”

The Odyssey Begins!

“Odyssey” is a concept album which tells the epic story of the last human alive. When planet Earth is destroyed by pollution and nuclear war he embarks on a lonely journey through space. Unable to find comfort in his fate of eternal loneliness, he grows ever more depressed. In desperation he pilots his spaceship into a black hole. Perhaps there is hope at the end?

His name is lost through the eons of time. He is the sole survivor of a dying race, the last human alive. He witnessed his homeworld burn, destroyed by pollution and war. Apocalypse!

Now he spends his last days traveling the stars seeking life, hope and purpose. This is his tale, his journey through space and time.
And above all, it is a tale of his desperation and loneliness.
This is his odyssey.

This is a teaser for the upcoming album "Odyssey", to be released in spring 2024. The album will contain all 8 singles already released, in addition to 2 new songs. 


Paul Olsen was lead guitarist and one of the founding members of the Norwegian power metal band “Guardians of Time”. After 25 years, 5 albums and numerous tours across Europe, the band broke up in 2021. The time had come to embark on a new musical journey with "Release the Titans". Starting out as a one-man-band, Paul handled all songwriting, guitars and vocals. Crafting a sound that combines melodic metal with epic orchestrated parts and blistering guitars.

"Release the Titans" has now grown into a full band, featuring Sebastian Madsen on guitar and Iben Solberg on bass. The addition of these talented musicians will prepare “Release the Titans” for the stage. 

"Release the Titans" has already made their presence known in the metal world, releasing eight singles on streaming platforms since January 2022. With a dedication to create a truly immersive and engaging musical experience, "Release the Titans" promises to be a band to watch in the metal scene.