The Odyssey begins!

Eons ago, the Titans were defeated by Zeus and the Olympian Gods. Imprisoned in Tartarus, the underworld, for all eternity. One day, the Titans shall be free once again and wreak havoc on the world. Release the Titans!

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"God of War" music video

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"God of War" is the seventh single by "Release the Titans". 

God of War

The sole survivor of the apocalypse on planet Earth is heading for Mars, the last outpost in the solar system. Only to discover that the city has been destroyed by a nuclear bomb sent from Earth as the war raged. The single was produced and mixed by Paul Olsen.

"Odyssey" - the album

"God of War" is the seventh chapter in an epic story about the last human alive. He watched his homeworld burn, destroyed by pollution and war. Now he spends his last days traveling the stars. This is his journey through space and time. This is his odyssey.

Paul "Cronus" Olsen

For more than 25 years Paul Olsen was lead guitarist and one of the founding members of "Guardians of Time". When the band broke up in 2021, he started working on his one-man-band "Release the Titans".    "Release the Titans" play melodic metal with epic orchestrated parts and blistering guitars!